jessica mae burkart
designer, photographer, crafter, music + cat lover.

all text + images are my own unless otherwise noted.

enjoy the delights in my life.



I am Jessica Burkart.

Designer, photographer, crafter, and lover of music. 

I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005 with a BFA in graphic design. I moved to Chicago that following July and fell in love with big city life. 

Being a quick and eager learner I am always up for the challenge of new projects. I have Photoshop open all day and if I had to be a file type I would be .RAW - straight from the camera, tough, and retouched without losing quality & freshness.

I must have three cups of coffee in the morning and some alone time in the evening. Traveling is a true passion of mine, bringing inspiration into my work. I love anything owl, have an extensive mug collection, am a bit obsessive when it comes to organizing, and enjoy strolling through my city streets, finding beauty in everyday things.

Since 2004 I have shot places, people, and things with my Polaroid camera. These images are now being cataloged on my other blog....

i am available for freelance work in both photography and graphic design. if interested please contact me at