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these days...

the hootin' owl has been busy making custom friendship bracelet orders. here is a set of 5 i made for a special someone and her friends. you can purchase one here --->

NEW! to the hootin' owl is the spring 2012 card collection - perfect for mother's day, easter, or just because. get one now before they are all gone --->

and finally i made it onto PINTEREST! which is way way way addicting. i have created a multitude of boards of things i love from style, to cats, to packaging, to photography. follow my boards here --->

PS! HAPPY CRAFT MONTH...take a couple hours and create something great.


best friends forever

last week i attempted a first - a 1" wide chevron friendship bracelet. it was a custom order for someone on etsy (THANKS!!) and it was quite the challenge. after reading about how many and how long my strings needed to be i freaked, wondering if it was something i could even complete. i made a little practice one to gain some confidence and then decided it was time to jump right in. i spent my nights at the kitchen table with 26 strings each 7 feet long...knotting and knotting and knotting. i was so pleased with the end results that i decided to offer it up to everyone.

now on THE HOOTIN' OWL you can purchase a custom made 1" wide friendship bracelet. you tell me your wrist size and which colors you want and i'll do all the work - just give me one week.



love wisdom

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind." William Shakespeare

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller

"Where there is love there is life." Mohandas K. Gandhi


san diego getaway

once again the bfg and i traveled south west to escape the bitter winter cold and enjoy some warm sunshine; a week in sunny San Diego, California. while there i let my hair get tangled in the salty sea breeze, walked barefoot in sand warmed by the sun, and dressed in carefree loose fitting clothes.

architecture - we stayed in ocean beach, a little neighborhood set on the pacific filled with quaint bungalows in fun colors with unique yards.

landscape - from beaches with tall palm trees to cliffs overlooking lovely sunsets to arid canyons full of cacti.

wildlife - gray whales heading south, hummingbirds, seabirds, and sea lions. oh and don't forget the random neighborhood cats found in unusual places.


january moments

so far 2012 has not disappointed me although i still will say i am not a fan because it ends with an even number. the year of 2011 was spectacular, full of excitement, strength, independence, and most importantly understanding true love. it will always remain in the top 5 best years of my life.

this is january, 2012.


twice the family fun

this year we celebrated Christmas two times, first with the Morrow family and then with the Burkart family. It was great how it worked out that we could spend time with our immediate families. here's what happened...




merry christmas

our first married christmas! hope you all have a very happy holiday.


2011 favorites mix

10 of my favorite songs from the year...2011 favorites mix on


last day for FREE SHIPPING

today is the last day to get free shipping at THE HOOTIN' OWL. order a print for the blank wall in someone's home; or lovely cards for the ones that still love snail mail; or a friendship bracelet for your bestie (can be custom made). happy shopping!


snow white

i woke up this morning to our first snow fall of winter 2011-2012. funny, last night i was saying how i couldn't wait for the first snow fall...and voila! now if only the temperature were a bit warmer. time to bundle.


wedding reception

i know, i know, another wedding post but i promise this to be the last. i just want to say thank you to everyone who helped make my dream day come true. thank you for spending your friday before the big day sweating away in the pavilion, gluing moss onto wood slabs, hanging lights, ironing burlap, filling bottles with water, and decorating. also special thanks to those who baked the delicious treats for the sweet table! love you all.


tis' the season

to save on shipping! use the code FREESHIP11 at the hootin' owl and get free shipping on any order. photo cards, holiday cards, friendship bracelets, and prints! happy holiday shopping.


happy thanksgiving

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. it is a time to gather with your family members and feast on stuffing and pumpkin pie. i'm looking forward to new memories this year with the szewczyk clan. love you all!

and to all of you out there traveling - be safe and god speed.