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yes! another new section.

T R A V E L     P H O T O G R A P H Y


A collection of photos taken on my travels documenting my time.

This is Thailand > 


thailand 2005



found art

"STREET ART is any art developed in public spaces — that is, "in the streets" — though the term usually refers to art of an illicit nature, as opposed to government sponsored initiatives.The term can include traditional graffiti artwork, stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheatpasting and street poster art, video projection, art intervention, and street installations. Typically, street art is used to distinguish contemporary public-space artwork from territorial graffiti, vandalism, and corporate art." (wikipedia)


Some of my findings... 

1. my smokin bunny - jarvis stop, chicago
2. stencil bomb - baltimore
3. solve's old lady - clark street, chicago
4. 2501 cloud - perry lane, savannah 


a bit of mystery

Digital photography has come a long way, from higher mega pixels to larger LCD screens, to smaller, lighter bodies and to many new functions. You can take a picture and instantly view it allowing you to see if it's perfect; the composition looks good, the lighting is right, and what you want in focus is in focus. You then instantly upload the images onto your computer, no waiting for the film to develop. Digital photography is quick, and allows you to erase your mistakes, making the perfect picture easier to come by. As much as I love this instant gratification every once in awhile I need some mystery.

Remember when you used to load film into your camera, wind it up and then begin shooting. You had to figure out everything before you pushed the button that opened the shutter, and then 'click' you pray you got that perfect shot. Maybe you would even take two, setting the exposure lower or higher just to be sure. There was a mystery to photography that people have left behind with the 'golden age'. You did not automatically know whether that roll of 24 was set right, or if the pictures came out in prefect focus.

holgacam.jpgOne camera with a lot of mystery is the HOLGA. The HOLGA is part of the LOMO family and is known for its sensitivity to light, the sharp lens, and its robust body. It is light weight and uses 120 film (a square image shape) or you can alter it to adapt to 35mm. Its unique characteristics include over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, and unexpected light leaks. It is a camera full of perfect accidents.

So why use a camera you can not rely on to photograph something when you can always count on digital cameras? Because this camera breaks the rules of photography and allows the user to think outside the box. It takes a boring typical photo of a family outing and turns it into something much more interesting by giving the picture a uniqueness. It forces the user to accept mistakes and eventually love them. It reminds you of what photography used to consist of - the wondering as the film develops as to what exactly these images will look like. It brings back that grand mystery and surprise.

holga.jpg Images taken in 2007   +jarvis beach    +home

> learn more about lomography and view images at


yummy goodies

jbliss.jpgJill Bliss is ever so clever with her simple and graphic designs. Inspired by nature she illustrates plant life by using lines and shapes. Blissen, her company featuring herself and friends (Charlie at, glass house, sarrita at, *toast @, & Yuri Nakatani) experiment with paper and fabric to create interesting, unique and wonderful handmade goods. These fabric cozy-covered books are one of my favorites. Using recycled scraps of fabric, the cozies are all one of a kind. Her lovely illustrated weekly planner, which features plenty of space to write your agenda for each day of the year, can be covered with a spacious full-of-pockets cozy. A smaller yet similar one covers her hand bound journals available in graph paper or plain paper. The cozies are created for the artists using the books to store items making it easy to take all your essentials with you for scrap booking anywhere. I have one on my blank papered journal and use it to carry along a pen, scissors, a glue stick, and scrap paper allowing me to be able to add anything when a creative inspiration overcomes me.

> check this out and more @ 



If you like telling someone that something you own is a vintage piece or one of a kind then this site is for. Day-Lab, another craft driven site, has an interesting vintage collection. You can find anything from jewelry to wall decor to house wares. Some items have only one in stock. I found the items to go fast, so hurry up before you miss out on that 1965 swan wall plaques you've been searching for.

 > quick go to

Day-lab also features many other types of works (bags, books, apparel, house wares, etc.) by talented designers.  


new section added

amg5.jpg I added a new section called Featured Artists where each week i will feature a different artist in fine art, music, graphic arts, etc. This week I choose April Gray, a photographer in Baltimore, MD.

Want to see more >

Check this section every Sunday to enjoy other new artists.


great blogs think alike

butterfly_at.jpgOne inspiration blog,, posted a simliar entry as I.
Image: butterfly Copy: Gardens that attract butterflies.



working joys


My tasks at work can be interesting. My assignment the other day was to "photograph the butterflies in the garden. They are in full force right now all over the planted teak boxes." So for a couple hours I spent my time in the sun following around many butterflies as they feasted on sweet nector. I was fascinated by how their proboscis uncurled itself, sucking in food, and then curled back up when done. These wonderful insects were not afraid of me and allowed me to get very close. The whole time I was praying for one to land on me; butterflies bring one good luck.


someone told me so


I was told the other day that I should look into having my own blog site. First reaction, sure. I need a website. I love showing off my work and I tend to have a way with words. I am obsessed with journals; many collected throughout my life however all kept personal and all in hand held books. So why not have one the world can see. It is funny, blogs are virtual time capsules of anything the creator loves and wishes to share with others, hoping they will love it too. So here is everything i love to display, create, and write. Enjoy in my 'delight'.

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