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like father, like son

my father was a doctor by day, drummer by night. growing i would sit on our basement steps watching his band cover rock songs ranging from the beatles to the b-52's (love shack was a favorite of mine). when they would play little events here and there i would stand up front and tell everyone with such pride, 'that's my father on the drums.'

my brother followed in his footsteps and took up drumming at a young age. my appreciation for his banging all day and night was quite different. as i tried to study he played the drums to every dave matthews band song whenever he was home (probably the reason why i hated dmb growing up). however as i grew older and he became more focused in his drumming i realized he was very talented; all that practice paid off.last night i got to watch my father's new band, the kidney stones, open for my brother's band, DOCO. listening to my father drum brought back many childhood memories and listening to DOCO play gave me hope that they might just make it some day. like father, like son, they are both true rockstars in all they do.


mini-moon snapshots

my husband, the bfg, and i spent a mini-honeymoon at a secret cottage in oxford, wisconsin. a blissful, quiet and romantic three days. it was great to get away from everything. here are some of my favorite photographs.

to see more photographs from our mini-moon click here >>>


our wedding rings

i took this photograph while on our mini-honeymoon. it was quite hard to get all that sparkle in focus but after many tries i seemed to get the three rings in focus. why snakes as bands you ask? well the bfg owns a snake and i knew i wanted him to have a band that he would enjoy wearing and that was unique, fitting of his personality. when i started searching for a band for him and came across snake rings i thought how perfect! his ring was made by alkemie jewelry and is white gold with two emerald stones as eyes to match the bfg's green eyes. during my research about snake rings i found that queen victoria's engagement ring was a serpent which represented eternal love. upon reading this i knew i wanted a snake ring as well. mine was handmade by st. kilda, and has lots of little diamonds on the snakes head and body. i love how small and simple it is against my large intricate bling, and how it reminds me of my husband and his ring.


post wedding/mini moon blues

credit: nels akerlund

tears, tears, tears. they started 5 minutes before the wedding ceremony and have not stopped since.

the golf cart pulled me up to the ceremony site. i looked at all the people sitting in their seats, and i lost it. all these people showed up for me...for my event...for my big day. it was really happening. no longer was it practice or a dream. this was it. the music began and i took my father's arm. we looked at each other, tears streaming down our faces. "you ready?" he said. "yes."

the walk to the 'ceremony site' was long and the whole way through the grass i cried and laughed, laughed and cried. i don't know where the laughter came from but it was a bit uncontrollable, just like the tears. half way through the ceremony i finally composed myself. i looked into my husbands eyes and fell in love all over again.

the rest of the day was a whirlwind, but a beautiful one. the weather couldn't have been more perfect, the scenery was stunning, and having all those i love under one roof dancing was a blast. on sunday after tearing down the lovely magical wonderland we created the bfg (husband) and i drove up to wisconson for our mini honeymoon. we spent a couple days at our secret cottage, relaxing, reminiscing, crying, walking, paddle boating, drinking wine, and eating too much wedding cake.

everything was so perfect, so beautiful, so why am i so sad? probably because i spent the last 9 months pouring my heart and soul into planning this massive event and now it is over. and all i can think about is going back, back to the proposal, back to the searching for a venue, back to the crafting, back to the envisioning, back to the night before the big day, back to the toasts, the dancing, the big day. it really does go by so fast so my advice to all your brides out there is savor savor savor. take a minute to breathe during the reception, look around, and take it all in.


the wedding week

well it is here...the final days before our wedding. i am still in disbelief that it is almost over with and still have not been able to cry tears of joy, unlike others in my family. this past weekend my mother, sister, father, fiance and friends spent many hours crafting away at the kitchen table (and there is still lots to do). we glazed rocks, cut paper, poked holes, tied hemp twine, mixed trail mix, made envelopes, and wrote list after list.

amidst all of this i have had some bridezilla moments, and even though i tried to force myself into believing i would never do that, well i did, and i think it is okay. the amount of pressure put on you to put together a party as large as this is insane! but i have to remind myself though that no one will notice if the color on the menu doesn't match the color of my sisters dress perfectly, or if the sweet table isn't set up right. so im trying to count to 10, breath deeply, and as my dad says 'be flexible'.


ten days

so much to do still - finish ceremony programs, seating chart, print the rest of the menus, send in final head count, design welcome pack....GEEZ!!! so happy my mother and sister arrive tomorrow and my dad on friday. they will be a great help here at the jessica's wedding workshop.


lolla 2011

film from the weekend is here! sorry for the lack of band photos due to the lack of zooming technology in my plastic camera. enjoy.


too much

am i getting too old to party three days in a row? or is the stress of the wedding combined with three days of pure enjoyment too much for me to handle?

lolla - you wore me out. you made me dance, run, stand for hours, sit in mud, drink lots of wine, drink lots of water, burn my back, redden my nose, pushed me, shoved me, crowded me, and made me sing-a-long.

i took all my photographs this weekend with film which is currently being developed so you will just have to wait till tomorrow to see them!


let the countdown begin

i cannot believe that it is august. the month of the wedding. in just a mere 26 days i will be a married woman. it seems so surreal that this day is almost here. we have spent the last 9 months preparing, searching, working, planning for this day, this one day and it is just around the corner. it will come and it will go. and then it will be back to the normalcy of life.

i have given my heart and soul to this one day; spending all my free time on completing the do it yourself projects, analyzing the little details, reworking and reworking my designs till perfect. all for one day. it is hard to think that it will happen so quickly and i will surely miss the little projects, daily etsy searching and getting lost in wedding blogs.

so here's to the month of the big day, event, wedding. see some of you very soon!


my new babies

yes babies, but the type that you dont have to feed and clean up 'babies'. recently i acquired two new ones to add to my collection.

iPad. i know, i said why get one, but when i began sending my resume out to job opportunities and thinking about how to present my work i realized an ipad not only would make me seem up to date with technology but showcase the non-printed items beautifully. so far i have had three interviews and it worked wonders. i also am thrilled to finally become 'cool' and take photos with the instagram AP. at first i was annoyed with people 'cheating' but well then i wished i could do it too.

fuji instax 210 camera. yep - another polaroid. i thank my chase reward points for this baby. it has great features such as different development controls (light - dark) as well as the option to change the zoom. and i love how the polaroids pop out on top! also film is easier to find and cheaper than the original 600 one step or the sx-70. here are a couple shots.

so those are the two new babies i welcomed home. i love them both! do you have any technology 'babies' you cant get enough of?


early morning

woke up early this morning. sometimes when things are happening i just can't sleep. my mind races of everything i need to do...everything that will happen...anxiety takes over. so i got up, made some coffee, saw something in my inbox, got inspired, and created these.

color washed diamonds. yum. anyway happy friday everyone!


stay creative

life happens and so do creative blocks. found this list on free people's blog - a favorite daily read of mine. i love every number on list but my favorites are 2 • 11 • 13 • 18 • 25 • 31. What do you do to help stay creative?


weekend snapshots - pitchfork

wow - what an awesome music and sun filled weekend. my skin is brown, my feet are dirty, my hairs a mess, and my ears are ringing. unfortunately on saturday in the rush to get down to the fest i forgot to check the battery in my camera but i think with the limited life i got a couple great shots of the atmosphere. we rocked out to gang gang dance and chilled in the shady grass to fleet foxes. sunday was brutally hot with the heat index above 100 degrees. while the bfg moshed out to kylesa (props to scad grad) i relaxed in the shade drawing and people watching. then we braved the heat and danced to cut copy and ended the weekend perfectly with tv on the radio. however disappointed they did not play more of my favorites or do an encore.




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