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pitchfork music festival

this weekend the bfg and i will be spending our time at pitchfork music festival - sunshine and grassy fields, arts and crafts, yummy food and beverages, and of course amazing music. here are videos of the bands i will be seeing. enjoy!! and if you're headed to pitchfork as well rock out! hooray live music.






weekend snapshots

well this was quite the weekend. on friday morning i rushed little yoshimi to the vet due to excessive throwing up. he spent the day there getting fluids, meds, and blood work done. i busied myself during the day painting dots on rocks - a secret project. saturday the bfg and i spent the day with family and friends at folk and roots fest. back home yoshimi rested and unfortunately was still not any better so sunday morning i took him back to the vet. while he got more fluids and blood work done i taught my last private photo lesson and then worked the CPC booth at burger fest. yoshimi got to come home with me sunday night but he was still sick. the poor thing was literally full of shit causing him not to eat and drink causing him to feel sluggish. he slept next to me all night. he is about 45% back to his usual self but still not eating (and he is soooo skinny). please send your thoughts his way. poor little yoshimi.



happy friday everyone! i hope you all had a wonderful week and an even better weekend. i am going to be working at the CPC booth at Burger Fest on sunday so if you are around stop by – we will be photographing people eating yummy juicy burgers. i hope they have some turkey or veggie burgers.

another great fest to check out is the Folk and Roots Fest in Lincoln Square. you can learn to dance, listen to music from all over the world, eat great food, and best of all do some shopping while support the local crafters.


weekend snapshots

SATURDAY - putting away wedding shower gifts, trip to gene's for grilling needs, yummy veggie burger, cloud shaped candy, walk at dusk

SUNDAY - boat day

MONDAY - happy independence day! made an omelet, relaxed, grilled, played scrabble


don't give up

while reading my sister's personal statement for medical school i came across this quote she used from our grandmother. i thought it perfect for life these days. don't give up - your dream will one day be a reality.


weekend snapshots

and the gauntlet known as JUNE is over. this weekend was fabulous but very exhausting. family came and we crafted, had the meeting of the parents, took a walk through the botanical gardens, went out to eat for almost every meal (my fridge contains many left over boxes), and opened gift after gift at the wedding shower.



i have been consumed by the following:

1. the wedding. in less than 65 days i will be walking down the aisle, saying i do, and officially becoming a wife. wow. i never in my life dreamed this day would come before i was 30, let alone come at all. growing up i was not your typical girl who day dreamed about marrying prince charming in a lovely long train white wedding gown. no, my dream was more me, my fiance, the priest, and a beach in italy. and i think at one point i wanted us to be naked. anyway...i have been spending almost every moment of my days working on all the little DIY projects for the wedding and boy are they intimidating.

2. unemployment. as of may 11th i have not had a 'real' job. i took a risk and resigned after getting a push i much needed. so currently the future is wide open and it scares me to think of all the possibilities. i have been given this new freedom, this new opportunity to do what I WANT TO DO with my life and im frozen. frozen because of fear of something new. but so excited because of something new and fresh. what awaits me?


a gaggle of girls

I apologize for my absence - june is an intense month full of wedding festivities, trips to rockton, festivals, and many appointments. it began with all the girls i love joining me for one spectacular weekend. we drank steins at maifest, pampered ourselves with manis and pedis, ate a delicious meal with fabulous drinks on the river at japonais, and danced the night away to 80s music at innjoy. thanks to everyone who came near and far to celebrate. MAGICAL!

special thanks to ernie, a professional photographer who happened to be shooting the bean and was nice enough to get a lovely shot of the group. to becky and my sister who planned the weekend. and again to my sister for preparing all the food, decorating, and making it truely special. love.


itouch repeat

FLEET FOXES - helplessness blues

instantly after reading SPIN's interview with the band i downloaded their new album. upon first listening i didn't know what to think - it was different from the previous album however many listens later i fell in love. the harmonious voices, folk guitar, and mature lyrics put me in a state of ease and happiness. here's two of my favorites...



weekend snapshots

i hope you all had a fabulous memorial day weekend. despite the weather not cooperating with our plans we still had a wonderful time with friends and family.

---- SATURDAY ----
raspberry champagne, grilled chicken and veggie kabob, stormy night skies

---- SUNDAY ----
early rise, rain delayed cubs game

---- MONDAY ----
sunshine + heat, family beach time, photography tutoring session at the zoo (photo of me taken by my uncle)


afternoon walk

the other day the skies were a perfect blue and the sun's rays caused the temperature to climb into the 80s. after working all morning on freelance projects i decided to take a break and go for a lovely stroll down ravenswood. i came across a little mini-path and garden called south andersonville gardens. as i walked down the mulch pathway i felt myself drift away from city life and into the world of nature.

a great little find that i will visit again and again. are there any hidden gems in where you live or in your neighborhood?


the hootin' owl special

hey everyone! my etsy shop, THE HOOTIN' OWL is having a MEMORIAL DAY SPECIAL.
lots of great prints, perfect gifts for graduation, weddings or just because.
start shopping >>>


weekend snapshots

unfortunately i did not take a lot of photographs this weekend. my big brown eyes wanted to enjoy the world themselves besides through the lens.

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