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travel photography > Leeds Castle, White Cliffs of Dover, & Canterbury

Our last day in London was spent exploring the southeast countryside of England. The tour had three major stops, Leeds Castle, the White Cliffs of Dover, and the cute town Canterbury. We woke up early, got on the tube and found our way back to the Victoria Coach Station. Everyone boarded the bus and we made sure this time not to sit by the emergency exit (last time it leaked in cold air). We made our way out of the city, passing through the southeast neighborhoods of London, over the Prime Meridian, and through areas we normally wouldn't see. Once outside of the city the buildings and streets turned into rolling hills and countryside. After a good hour drive we made it to Leeds Castle, the most gorgeous, stunning, and fairytale-like castle I had ever seen. It is surrounded by a moat and many acres of land. We had arrived before the Castle opened so we decided to take a walk along the lake, explore the on grounds aviary, and found our way (after a little help) through the labyrinth. Once the Castle opened we went inside. We started in the wine cellar and then made our way through parlors, drawing rooms, and bedrooms. Since the original owner of the castle wished it to always be in use, today it is a place for meetings, sympathies and plays. After pretending we were kings and queens we had to get back on the bus to head to the shore to see the White Cliffs of Dover. I was very excited and had a vision of high rising cliffs painted white with the sea crashing below against rocks. I thought we would stop at such a scenic view atop the cliffs however when the bus pulled over we below the cliffs by a busy port. The cliffs were not amazing and white and the weather made it difficult to see across the water to France or to even get a good photograph. They also only gave us 10 minutes - such a disappointment. We then headed towards Canterbury, a quaint little town that inspired Chaucer to write Canterbury Tales. In Canterbury we explored the famous Cathedral with large beamed archways and colorful bright stained glass windows. We had time before we had to get back on the bus so we went inside a cafe to eat our lunch and then wandered about the cobble stoned streets. On the bus ride back into the city we grew sad that our last day in England was coming to an end. To celebrate we went out to a pub for our last pints of ale (I got cider) and then headed home to pack and prepare for our long flight back to the U.S.