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travel photography > mendocino & anderson valley

The next stop on our California adventure was Mendocino, a small northern coast town right off of highway 101. We left San Francisco early in the morning heading north along the coast with the top down in our convertible. The scenery was amazing - high rocky cliffs overlooking the pacific ocean with small beaches nestled in coves. Occasionally the road lead us inland, driving through hilly valleys. We stopped a couple times to take some photographs and walk around on a beach, supposedly the deadliest one in California. After about six hours of driving we made it to our bed & breakfast, Fensalden Inn, a cute, small, and homey cottage with an ocean view. After settling in we drove into town to sit on the cliff and watch the sunset. It was so perfectly perfect. We then decided to check out the local pub for some dinner. The next day we had an amazing breakfast made by our nicest hosts and hit the road, it was time for wine. We drove through the Navarro River Red Woods Forest and some very small towns and then out into the valley. Our first winery was Handley Cellers, where we got a private tour about the history and process of making wine. Then we tasted some - yummy. We ended up buying a bottle of their famous Gerurztraminer and Chardonnay. Back on the road, we continued south on to Navarro Vineyards which was much larger and more crowded. Their wines were decent, nothing special, so we sat outside by the vineyards to relax in the sun. Our last stop was Husch Vineyards where I surprisingly got carded. Satisfied with our tastes we drove back to Mendocino to do some shopping in their local stores. Back at our bed & breakfast we challenged each other to a game of scrabble and then decided a nap was needed before dinner, however we were more tired than we thought and slept right through dinner. The next morning we were greeted by another filling and delicious breakfast by our wonderful hosts. We packed up, said goodbye and headed to our next stop, Sonoma. Mendocino, you will be missed. We greatly enjoyed your laid back attitude, amazing hospitality and food, and cute little homes nestled on a cliff above the pacific.