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"I must live here one day" I said as we took the tube through the neighborhoods and walked along the winding streets; just one more city to add to places I love. During our week long stay we resided in a decent size flat in Sloane Square near Chelsea, an area known for high end boutiques which was once considered the bohemian quarter. Everyday we left our flat early and took the tube to a historic landmark, museum or must see area. SUNDAY: A walking adventure through the neighborhood of Chelsea & Kensington. After eating breakfast in our flat we bundled up and headed to the Victoria & Albert Museum full of all kinds of art, from Chinese artifacts to high end fashion to sculptures and works by British artists. Afterward we strolled into Hyde and Kensington Park where we sat on a park bench near the Albert Monument for a cheese and cracker lunch. From there we explored Kensington Palace and then headed to Harrods to see what all the fuss was all about. It was like Nordstrom combined with a Middle Eastern Bazaar. We ate dinner in a nearby pub and had a few drinks - cider on tap, i am in heaven. TUESDAY: A day exploring the neighborhoods of Southwark & Westminster. Our first stop was Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the only other thing besides the rugby game Aaron had to see. Then we headed back across the Thames River via the Millennium Bridge to the tube and headed west to Embankment. There we oohed and awed at Big Ben and the Parliament and waited in a long line to go inside Westminster Abbey (breathtaking). We walked back across the Thames River and ended our day at the Tate Modern, a place I could visit every day of my life, to see the Rothko exhibit. So inspiring, so beautiful, so perfectly modern. WEDNESDAY: The last day of 2008. It was another chilly day so after bundling we headed to Tower Hill and waited in a long line for tickets. The magnificent castle overpowered the river front, making the surrounding buildings seem tiny and weak. Inside we hiked up and down small spiral staircases into dungeon rooms and living quarters. We waited in another long line to see the Crown Jewels and snuck inside the cafe to eat our '7-eleven' sandwiches (mmm pickle and cheese on wheat bread). After the Tower of London we headed to the Tower Bridge, a stunning piece of architecture. We walked across it, I took many photos and then we walked back to our flat to prepare for our night's new years festivities - a romantic dinner cruise along the Thames River and fireworks at midnight by Big Ben. THURSDAY: The first day of 2009. Since none of the museums were open, we took two walking tours with a great company called London Walks (highly recommended). The first took us on a pleasant stroll through the Royal Neighborhood of Kensington. We saw the homes of many famous writers and poets, discussed the history of the Kings and Queens and all their quirks, and saw many cute mews. We had time to kill before our next walk so we had some lunch (mmm cheese and crackers) and then headed to see Buckingham Palace (not that impressed, wished we could have gone inside). We then took the tube to Embankment and met our guide for our Apparitions, Alleyways, & Ales tour. She lead us through creepy alleys where murders and mystery happened and then into a bar for a nightcap. And that my friends is the city of London. Enjoy the photographs.