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Monday, our third day in England, was spent traveling west out of London to visit Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and the small town Bath. We woke up early and took the underground to Victoria - the circle line. Following the crowd and signs, we found our way out and on the streets figuring out how to get to the Victoria Coach Station. On the ride to Windsor we saw the city and then suburbs and then a little bit of countryside. Windsor Castle is located in Windsor a small town outside of London, home to the prestigious all boys school the princes attended. The Castle was gorgeous and powerful and inspiring. We walked through the state rooms still decorated in Victorian furniture, wallpaper, and art. While there we were lucky enough to see the changing of the guard. The put on quite the performance, marching here and there and shifting to the left an inch by wiggling their feet. Running out of time we glanced at the cathedral and then headed through the town back to the bus. Driving to Stonehenge was beautiful. We passed rolling countryside, farms, harvest fields, sheep, and cute little towns. Stonehenge was a joy to finally see. The rocks were fairly large, large enough to make you ponder how did they move them back then. And then what is the purpose of this sculpture. Could it just have purely been the community expressing themselves through sculptural art? Back on the bus we headed to our last stop, Bath. It was starting to get dark out and I watched the London countryside zoom by as Aaron slept on my shoulder. In Bath we went to see the Roman Baths. Romans came to Bath a long time ago and found hot springs. They created a huge Bath center focused around them and thought they were healing waters. For many years people would visit Bath to sit in the hot healing springs. We walked around the cute little town, down cobblestone streets and took in its beauty before having to hop back on the bus for the long 2 hour ride home.